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6th International Erich Fromm Seminar for Doc and Postdoc Students

From June 7 to June 8 2023 the Erich Fromm Study Center hostet an international Erich Fromm Seminar for Doc- and Postdoc-Students for the sixth time. The seminar was followed by the third International Erich Fromm Research Conference. Therefore, the eary stage researcher could present and discuss their own projects in the seminar and were subsequently able to get in touch with international Fromm scholars at the conference.

The photo on the right shows the participants of the 6th seminar: from the left: Bruno Carvalho (Brasilien), Zeinab Shariatnia (Iran), Franz Joseph Yoshiy (Philippinen), Rainer Funk (Deutschland), Minh-Thu Nguyen (Portugal), Catherine Silver (USA), Marie-Helene Masse-Lamarche (Kanada), Thomas Kühn (Deutschland), Lynn Chancer (USA), Kazunao Morita (Japan), Neil McLaughlin (Kanada), Ayumi Osagawa (Japan), Mark Anthony Lataza (Philippinen)