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EFSC as partner of the "Leadership plus X" initiative

EFSC participates in the initiative Leadership plus X (F+X) of the Karl Schlecht Foundation. Until 2022, in annual calls for ideas, five increasingly important aspects of good leadership will be practically discussed and translated into experience formats by six renowned research institutes -- from the viewpoint of leadership experts and junior executives.

In the context of the F+X call for ideas, six institutes with emphasis on leadership research and teachings will work with their students for several months on a topic field from their perspective. As future bearers of responsibility for good leadership, their students will provide important impulses for original approaches. The results will be jointly tested and evaluated at the end of each year.

Be a part of it:

  • EFSC | Erich Fromm Study Center, Berlin
  • HEED | Institute for Human Engineering & Empathic Design, Pforzheim
  • LEIZ | Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin, Friedrichshafen
  • Manage&More | UnternehmerTUM, München
  • WEIT | Weltethos-Institut Tübingen
  • WZGE | Wittenberg-Zentrum für Globale Ethik

In 2018 the focus was on "Leadership + Creativity", in 2019 on "Leadership + Responsibility". The contributions of the IPU Berlin were developed by students of the part-time "Leadership and Counselling" Master's programme.

Further information and presentations of the results can be found on the website: